Mercedes Benz: Sexy E Class Coupe Website

Tue, May 19, 2009
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mercedes benz e class coupe website
I’m pretty sure I know what they were aiming to do with this website, and it sure wasn’t to just show off the car, it was actually to portray it as an object of desire – and it sure does! This is pure class from Mercedes, high fashion style with a fantastic shoot including about 30 super models all holding cameras. The idea is that you can view the sexiest angles of the car, each perspective is shot from where one of the models stands.

Once your done exploring, you can grab your own camera and move around the car to find the perfect shot from your self, then save, share and download as a wallpaper (including the girls). Check out the site here and thanks Martina for alerting me to it, the campaign was created by Scholz & Volkmer in Germany! Personally, the Audi S5 is still higher on my shopping list…

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