Mercedes-Benz: B-Class Microsite

Sat, Jul 11, 2009
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new mercedes-benz b-class microsite
Mercedes-Benz Canada have just launched a new microsite for their B-Class. It’s an interesting concept and is pretty enjoyable to use no matter who you are. You take a new B-Class for a test drive after answering 3 quick questions that helps to customise your test drive to suit your needs, depending on where you live, what sort of driving you will be doing and primary use for the car, all of which change the elements around you to highlight how the B-Class is perfect for you needs.

What I really enjoyed about this experience is that it was pretty short and sweet, got straight to the punch but also gave me the flexibility to explore a whole lot more if I wanted. They also used a very clever interaction with the furniture being loaded into the car that highlights so clearly just how much you could actually fit into the boot! Check out the website here. Created by Henderson Bas.

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