Mentos: The Negative Tweet Eliminator App

Sun, Oct 30, 2011
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Meet Dragee, the new Mentos positive zen master, who’s out to remove negativity from the world with the power of Mentos. On their Facebook page, Mentos have created a tab dedicated to Dragee, featuring a series of positivity videos along with a number of customisable/personalised life guidance videos… plus this, the new The Negative Tweet Eliminator that plays out in real time.

The Negative Tweet Eliminator App pulls all sorts of negative tweets from the world over in real time (based on specific keywords, hashtags and subject matter), and then Dragee thrusts his negativity destroying skills at it!

Dragee – Custom Life Guidance Video

Mentos Dragee Cobra

Mentos Dragee Blade

Mentos Dragee Traffic

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