McDonald’s: Interactive ‘Pick N’ Play’ Billboard

Thu, Jun 2, 2011
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Here’s a great interactive outdoor campaign from DDB Stockholm for McDonalds. Pick N’ Play offers the user a fun and interactive challenge where they can play for their favourite McDonald’s treat. Using a large interactive billboard users can control the game via their mobile phones enabling interaction with the billboard.

By using the latest technology the smartphone’s geo location verifies that the user is in the game area, therefore there is no app download required in order to participate. Players choose their treats and if they last for more than 30 seconds they win a coupon, earning them free fast food at a nearby McDonalds. This digital coupon is automatically sent to the users phone along with instructions on how to claim their McDonald’s treat at their nearest store.

We love the simplicity of this idea, nice work DDB. It’s great to see a campaign that combines clever digital execution with a fun and interactive idea while also driving customers in store to redeem an instant win prize. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s coming next from the guys at DDB.

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