McDonald’s Happy Goggles: VR Happy Meal Box

Tue, Mar 1, 2016
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Introducing Happy Goggles. McDonald’s Sweden has launched a promotion that lets kids turn Happy Meal boxes into virtual-reality viewers.

The launch of Happy Goggles coincides with the Swedish “Sportlov” recreational holiday when many families go skiing. With this in mind McDonald’s have created “Slope Stars”, a skiing based VR game which can also be played in a less immersive way without the Happy Meal Box. The Happy Googles also work with any other mobile VR experience. To turn the iconic red boxes into Happy Goggles users just tear along some perforated lines and fold, inserting the VR lenses (included) and a smartphone (not included). It’s like a tasty version Google Cardboard. DDB Stockholm developed the strategy, design and packaging, while North Kingdom Stockholm created the game.

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