McDonald’s Creates Branded Farmville Farm

Sat, Oct 9, 2010
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It was only a matter of time before we saw this from McDonald’s, who’ve just created a branded farm on Farmville in a special one day event. Basically, McDonald’s will become a “Neighbour Farm” to every player in the world for a day, this allows players to come and work on the McDonald’s Farmville Farm, helping to grow things like tomatoes and mustard seeds.

Players will be rewarded with all sorts of virtual McCafe items that allow them to grow their own farms twice as fast! Plus, they also get a McDonald’s hot air balloon flyover for their efforts…

The exposure is seriously huge for McDonald’s, who gains almost instant exposure and potential brand interaction to the near 70 million active Farmville players around the world. And with that in mind, I’m pretty excited to see the case study that comes out of this, and more so to see how much this cost them! The only other brand to have partnered with Farmville was Microsoft’s Bing earlier this year. So what do you think?

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