Malibu Rum Launches Radio Maliboom Boom!

Sun, Aug 9, 2009
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Malibu Radio Maliboom Boom
GreatWorks has just launched a new global digital campaign for Malibu. It’s called “Radio Maliboom Boom” a digital radio station created by Malibu that is offering a tonne of free content over the next 12 months. Users will get access to a streaming digital radio station featuring top Universal music artists, videos featuring the DJs and downloads of e-cards, ringtones and other interactive applications.

I’m told the site will be continually refreshed with cool new content every week including exclusive music tracks, music videos and lots of funny clips from DJ Bernhard and MC Wonder Full?s crusade to spread their Caribbean vibe around the globe!

The site is well executed for something with so much content. The nav is a little tricky to use, but once you get the hang of it you’ll enjoy clicking through to lots of cool music, videos and downloads. Click here to check out the website.

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