Magnum Pleasure Hunt Across The Internet

Sun, Apr 17, 2011
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Here is the latest global campaign from Magnum, this time to launch the all new Magnum Temptation Hazelnut ice-cream. To do that, they’ve created an Advergame called “Magnum Pleasure Hunt Across The Internet” and it follows the concept pioneered by the Lynx Party Across The Internet campaign, but this is much more Advergame, than the Lynx experience.

Lowe Brindfors teamed up with B-Reel to create the campaign that takes you through about 20 well known websites as you chase Bon Bons, the special ingredient in the Magnum Temptation Hazelnut ice-cream. The idea is to capture all 100 Bon Bons as you join the Magnum Pleasure Hunt Across The Internet, its not easy, but it can be done! Most of all, you’ll enjoy the experience, the creative is great and the production done amazingly well on green screens… Once you are finished the pleasure hunt, its time to load up the leaderboard and challenge your Facebook friends.

While I love the experience and fantastic execution, this concept has been done a few times before. For me, it’s just a little too long, averaging about 5 minutes start to finish… What do you think?

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