iPad 2 “Magic Mirror” Augmented Reality App

Thu, Mar 17, 2011
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Straight out of the blocks for iPad 2 is the new “Magic Mirror” Augmented Reality iPad App using advanced facial tracking and user recognition features to deliver the magic mirror experience. While this demo presents a totally playful experience, it’s the tech smarts combined with the iPad 2′s features that will be quite exciting for brands and agencies to harness commercially.

Not only will we see apps that allow you to try on virtual glasses, hats, jewelery .etc using facial tracking (like we have been for some time), but the facial recognition technology means we can take apps to the next step by detecting if a user is male or female, delivering completely different content experiences, and even remembering who users are to save favourites or re-activate elements from that individuals last app use. This is all pretty exciting, so who will be the first brand to market?

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