Lynx: The Wingman Academy Webisodes

Wed, Aug 18, 2010
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Lynx recently launched a new series of webisodes on Facebook called The Wingman Academy, a new training facility designed to get rid of dating irritations as they put it, in typical lynx style! The webisodes train you on how to become a better wingman by avoiding all the typical advances, irritations, chic chats (as they may now be known!) and thrusting movements that would put almost any good man off his game!

The campaign is being run through a tab on The Lynx Effect Facebook page in the UK, but interestingly, doesn’t seem to utilise any Facebook integration. With content this good (and more on the way), videos that sign-off with “go get yourself a wingman” followed by a Facebook link, I was kind of expecting a wingman chooser app that would put my friends through a testing facility to see who’d be the best wingman for my next night out… well, there is a free idea for who ever the UK creative agency is anyway (just credit me)!

The Wingman Academy webisodes are fantastic, I love the style and they’ve just released the next video exclusively on Facebook (just watch the videos below first), for some reason it hasn’t been hooked up into the tab app yet (come on guys, update it!), but it’s been posted on the LynxEffect wall for everyone to see. Great campaign, I’m looking forward to seeing all the videos rolled out!

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