LYNX Auto Romeo: The Auto Flirting App

Tue, Oct 4, 2011
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Gotta love the ongoing cheeky work from Lynx (which doubles as AXE in the US), they’ve got a great playing field and have hit the mark again this with pretty quirky app called the LYNX Auto Romeo. In short, it’s an auto flirting app, but what it’s actually designed to do is allow you to flirt with multiple women at once, as not to waste all the potential that LYNX gives you!

So it works with a few simple steps. First, you create a flirt list of all the girls you are interested in, then you answer a few questions (like eye colour, where you met .etc) and finally, set your flirt level to the desired temperature! It’s available for iPhone and Android, so check it out and see how you go! Would love to hear your thoughts, or perhaps experience with this one!

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