L’Oreal’s New Smart Hairbrush: Hair Coach

Sun, Jan 8, 2017
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You’ll remember that L’Oreal has been pushing its incubator the last few years, with the first product being the “MyUV” Patch. Great technology, just not the right customer experience for anyone to really want to adopt it, and perhaps ahead of its time in terms of demand for this kind of product.

Now they are upping the game for one of their sub brands ‘Kérastase’ with the “Hair Coach” powered by Nokia’s Withings (internet of things platform) creating a smart-hair-brush designed to help give you better hair via an array of sensors. But the question is – does the world want a smart-brush? I guess we’ll find out soon, if people are prepared to pay the near $200 USD price for them!

The “Hair Coach” smart-brush features a microphone (to listen to the sound of brushing), a small accelerometer and a of course a gyroscope (tracking brushing patterns + counting strokes), and multiple sensors (for things like detecting wet vs dry hair usage)… with all the data being processed via the connected app to help “coach” you for better hair, on and probably product recommendations, I’d suspect. Find out more here.

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