Live YouTube Petition: Raise Your Voice

Sun, Nov 8, 2009
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In December world leaders will attend the COP15 Summit which is being billed as the most important climate meeting in a decade, if you listen to the media! To help raise climate awareness in the lead-up, Israeli agency Mizbala & Tv station Tel Aviv have created a very cool video, so cool infact it’s actually an interactive petition built with YouTube’s new shared annotations technology.

That means you can watch the video and digitally sign the petition from inside the video, while seeing who else from the world over has signed and commented on the same petition. What an amazing way to create a petition, we’ll see a tonne of these popping up in 2010!

This is actually the very first interactive YouTube petition ever created! Congratulations to all involved. And I hope everyone reading this joins the petition! Check out the YouTube Channel.

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