Live Art Interaction Via Twitter!

Thu, Oct 15, 2009
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Twitter Picture PR Stunt
What’s twitter good for? Ok, thousands of things, but at a top level, strip out the spam and you’re left with a whole lot of live action. So how do you capitalize on live action? Engage followers and collaborate to offer them something they can be apart of. That’s exactly what Johanna Basford is currently doing live on twitter. A leading pen artist, Johanna is drawing live as I post this, incorporating anything you tweet with the #hastag of #TwitterPicture and posting updates every 15mins here. I’ve asked for a #digitalbee to be drawn in, hope I’m not too late, as you can see here, the sphere is filling quickly. Great initiative, it’s Art Interaction via Twitter (thanks Stevo!) You can follow Johanna on twitter here.

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