Leo Burnett’s “David On Demand” Case Study

Sun, Dec 19, 2010
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Remember Leo Burnett’s “David On Demand” social experiment at Cannes this year? Well, here is the case study video that captures exactly what happened with David On Demand at the 2010 Cannes Lions Advertising Festival.

For those who didn’t see it, “David On Demand” was created as a social experiment to promote Leo Burnett’s Wildfire conference at Cannes, and with a little help, turned out to be pretty much the biggest thing at the festival. David Perez scored a free trip to Cannes on the agreement that he’d have to do “anything” that was tweeted to him; pole dancing, boat rides, parties, helicopter flights, crazy hair cuts and even the most famous tattoo of the event, the Fail Whale, tweeted by two very kind people! He even managed created more buzz than Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance.

The campaign managed to attract almost half of all conversation around the festival, along with 3.5 million twitter mentions from 132 countries and an estimated 100 million media impressions world wide (but I’m always curious to see how they calculate those numbers!). Via Tom on Blogilvy.

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