LEGO Playwaves: A World-First Google Assistant Voice Experience

Thu, May 6, 2021
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LEGO Playwaves is a world-first, Google-assistant voice experience that lets kids turn old LEGO bricks into new sonic adventures. Kids can access LEGO Playwaves by simply saying “Hey Google, talk to LEGO Playwaves” on any Google-assistant device. This will then launch the app, which allows kids to explore five different sonic worlds: Magical Kingdom, Downtown Detective, Ace Racer, Space Academy, and Animal Kingdom. Alongside an epic ‘Free Play Mode’ experience where kids can control the action with unlimited play time and request thousands of SFX in the world as they play.

LEGO Playwaves has hero missions inside every sonic world, where kids can play along to using their LEGO bricks. Character-actor based narrators guide them through the experience and open the world for them to use voice commands to progress through hundreds of tasks, interactive experiences and complete each mission with their physical LEGO bricks.

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