Land Rover: Creates Interactive Novel Campaign with William Boyd

Fri, Jan 16, 2015
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Storytelling, storytelling storytelling. If there’s any conventional wisdom within the industry currently, it’s that telling great stories is increasingly at the heart of meaningful consumer engagements. Well, Land Rover, Y&R NYC and Tool of North America are taking that notion, in my opinion, to the next level. They’ve partnered with author William Boyd to bring to his 17,000 word story about a mysterious trek across the UK countryside to interactive life, featuring of course, some off road adventure.

It’s an involved campaign that demands more than the casual social media feed level of attention, but it makes up for it with something evocative, romantic and different. The interface and production is pretty stellar and having only gotten through the first chapter, the story is compelling to boot. What do you think about this approach to branded storytelling?

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