Kaiak: The Scented Web Banner!

Tue, Jun 1, 2010
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In amongst the current social media hype, it’s great to see a web banner idea really stand out. Created by TBWA Brazil for a the re-launch of a men’s fragrance, the agency created a scented web banner that was… real.

To make the idea come to life, they sponsored 15 lan houses across Brazil and installed a small scent strip distributor on the back of each screen so when people click the special Kaiak banner, it instantly delivers a real life sample into the hands of the banner clicker!

The results show a massive 17.2% click through rate which is 43x the global average. But I just wonder how the results are skewed once the guy next to you clicks it and then tells you to try it out!? Overall, it’s a very cool concept that was well executed from planning to production.

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