Jimmy Choo Foursquare Treasure Hunt

Mon, May 3, 2010
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I meant to post this a few days ago, so hopefully I’m not too late and the Jimmy Choo Foursquare Treasure Hunt hasn’t finished! We’ve seen lots of twitter treasure hunts, but perhaps this is the first foursquare hunt? (that I’ve heard of anyway)… It’s Jimmy Choo’s first social media campaign, so It’s interesting to see them do it on Foursquare instead of the larger social platforms, although it’s the perfect tool to run a shoe hunt, and perhaps right for their brand.

The idea is pretty simple, a pair of Jimmy Choo’s new trainers will check into some of the most exclusive and fashionable places in London, if you can track them down and catch them while still checked in at a venue, then they are yours. I expect we’ll see many more of these campaigns as brands activate their Foursquare profiles and look to integrate it into their campaigns where ever possible, so hopefully we can innovate a little past treasure hunts over the coming year! (not that there is anything wrong with treasure hunts!)

The one issue with this campaign is that the clues are London based which means you can’t seem them unless your in London, but you can see what’s happening via the twitter and Facebook feeds. It’s also weird that Jimmy Choo has setup campaign named twitter and Facebook profiles, to me, they are missing out of growing followers of the actual brand pages and instead will end up with these campaign pages that have thousands of followers, that will probably no longer be used (or communicated to) after the campaign ends?!

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