Case Study: The Jesus KIT KAT Viral Campaign

Sun, Mar 28, 2010
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I think this is a great viral campaign case study for anyone thinking of diving in to create viral content. The first thing you’ll learn, is that viral doesn’t have to be a funny video posted on YouTube! This is the (now) famous, Jesus Kit Kat Viral Campaign that was launched last year, and talked about on over 150,000 websites and blogs within 4 days.

It was strategically created on the back of a run of Jesus image sightings in Europe and launched with a single, fake email to a number of online editors, and once picked up, took off on most major news sites and blogs around the world within days. A great example of how strategic viral marketing can generate waves of free media.

I’ve no idea who the agency was, so if you know, please post it below! (via Daniel on Adverblog)

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