JCPenney: Voice Message QR Code Gift Tags

Mon, Nov 14, 2011
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IF ever there was a cool use for QR codes (not just practical), this might just be it. JCPenney’s new “Who’s Your Santa” campaign has a QR code extension for 2011, where everyone who buys a gift for Xmas will receive a unique QR code Gift Tag or “Santa Tag” as they are calling them…

That QR code allows the gift giver to scan and record a personalised voice message for the recipient… Once they are done, just stick the QR code Santa Tag on the present and you’re done! It’s actually a pretty innovative way to utilise QR codes, particurally in such a personalised way, and for me, this is a super smart experiment for JCPenney. Love it? Hate it? Die QR Codes?!

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