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Tue, May 4, 2010
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I saw this site a few weeks ago and didn’t think too much of it (maybe because I didn’t have 3D glasses), but I stumbled across it again today, got to spend a little more time with it and really enjoyed it. It’s part of the latest campaign from Jay Jays, a discount Youth Fashion retailer in Australia who has recently started doing some pretty cool campaign work.

The site is called Jay Jays Dance Off. It’s shot with 3D cameras and requires 3D glasses (that you could pickup in store) for the full experience. The first thing you’ll notice is it feels very Uniqlo, perhaps even a little GAP or more recently the DIESEL video catalogue which was a huge hit, what ever way you look at it, video catalogues are getting big, bringing a great balance of entertainment, branded content and interaction to peoples computers while providing them with a unique shopping experience.

The 3D aspect / glasses in this instance provide the unique experience, while the freeze frame product interaction creates a simple and engaging way for customers to interact with each piece of clothing. There isn’t any eCommerce integration, so this is more about the overall brand experience rather than the actual catalogue shopping experience.

I really like the transitions from the full screen video to the thumbnail page. Site by Visual Jazz.

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