James Patterson: Catch A Killer Facebook Game

Thu, Dec 23, 2010
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I know James Patterson has a cult following, but I’m not sure what his fans will think of the new social game called “Catch A Killer”. Played exclusively through Facebook, you become the detective in one of James Patterson’s famous stories, where you’ll trudge through crime scenes attempting to piece together the clues with your Facebook friends.

There are a few interesting things about the game, first, is the clunkiness of the initial game load, it jumps between Facebook and Sony a number of times for seemingly no reason. Secondly, you’ll notice they’ve integrated their own “station cash” virtual currency, where you have to buy credits to keep your power bar up, allowing you to continue playing through the game. But never fear, if you didn’t want to spend real $$ on the game, you can take up one of about 50 very spammy affiliate deals to earn credits instead; you might sign up with RSVP (a dating site) to earn 100 credits (equal to about $1) or perhaps “take online surveys for real money” that for 113 credits…

Once you get past some of the really clunky elements, the game itself is quite deep, with loads of functionality, neat graphics and quite good sound, it almost seems endless (you can buy more and more case files to solve for about $20!), I think fans will enjoy the way you trawl crime scenes and do your own lab work, once you find clues, you’ll need to then decipher them through loads of mini games (app dwell time will be huge).

What do you guys think? Would you pay to play it? Click here to check out the game for yourself.

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