Isaiah VS Fabio in Old Spice Internet Duel

Tue, Jul 26, 2011
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And so it begins… Isaiah Mustafa VS Fabio himself in a real-time streaming Old Spice Internet Duel at 12pm Noon EST. Wooo! It was only a matter of time until the guys at W+K took the new-look Old Spice campaign to a whole new level, and that they will in just a few hours time, with a live social experiment streamed to that little Internet stadium called YouTube!

It sounds like the duel between the Old Spice guys will allow everyone at home to help influence the winner by continuously interacting with voting buttons for each of the Old Spice guys as they duel. By simple comparison, I think the overwhelming view is that the Old, Old Spice Man Isaiah Mustafa, is going to eat Fabio alive in this Internet duel! But let’s just wait and see!

And with the announcement and seeding of the Old Spice Internet Duel, the Internet itself has gone Old Spice crazy, particularly over the last few hours, and that’s ramping up with every re-tweet and YouTube comment right now!

Video: Fabio challenges Isaiah Mustafa to an Old Spice Internet duel…

Video: Isaiah Mustafa accepts Fabio’s Old Spice internet duel…

Oh yeah…so in case you’ve been missing it… here are a few of the “Old Spice Response” videos that the NEW old spice man Fabio has been doing, which in turn has lead to this live Internet duel! Pure genius, even if they are cringe worthy! But first… the ads that kick-started it all…

And just a few of the NEW Old Spice Guy responses videos…

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