Is Ad Spamming A New Trend For Brands?

Sat, May 9, 2009
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greater union ad spamming is a new trend
I don’t often rant, but this is something that’s been playing on my mind for a while and I just don’t get why companies are doing it? Companies like Greater Union (Australia’s biggest cinema group) are setting a new trend to monetize their pages in exchange for a poor user experience and a few quick advertising dollars.

I don’t go here to read articles or just hang about, I’m here to BUY MOVIE TICKETS or browse whats on and I’m pretty sure they’ve forgotten that. Greater Union is spamming their site with ads for a quick buck in exchange for one of the worst user experiences online, for a product everyone IS already going to buy – so why not make it clean and simple so you can increase your drop off rates and increase customer sentiment?

Not only that, but of the 3 prominent advertising spaces, 2 of them are completely irrelevant ads to the user base of this website who are here looking for movies or movie related information. While the 3rd Ad may look semi relevant, its not – it’s flogging mothers day gift ideas like alpine adventures and sailing on Sydney Harbour!

So who’s at fault here? Greater Union for having 3 Ad spaces in a shopping cart funnel to buy movie tickets? Or the Media companies who actually bought the space on their website knowing full well this is some of the hardest disruptive media to sell on a website 100% focused on selling movie tickets before people run out the door to watch them?

Does Greater Union realise they are loosing sales by putting so many Ads in their shopping cart funnel? Do they even care!? And do the Brands that are featured know their media company is wasting their cash? Sure, the website fits the campaign demographic, but media companies need to wake up to the fact its not all about demographic and its actually about consumer engagement…

If I’m shopping for movie tickets and there were 3 Ads, you’d probably expect them to be about the latest movie, a new DVD release, a special event or even a new LCD TV or DVD player, right? Those are the types of Ads that will get clicked, Ads that fit the users current mood, state of mind or interest.

Who clicks a mobile phone Ad and a St George Ad boasting about the best call center in the world when shopping for movie tickets?! And if someone replies saying that the 300×350 med rec gets great click-throughs, it probably does, because its been placed right in my shopping flow which is ridiculously bad for usability, and I guarantee the bounce rates are huge!!!

End Rant. Now I’m off to see Star Trek! (*update* Star Trek was pretty good!)

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