Introducing Tinder VR: A Perfect CES 2017 Troll

Mon, Jan 9, 2017
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CES is the world’s premier tech-product and innovation show, and bigger than ever this year, will of course be AR/VR goggles, glasses, headsets… you name it, it will be there in some form! So, of course Tinder, who’s stepping up to the plate of late with provocative PR worthy stunts.

And it’s not just a video, the multi-user VR experience is on show at CES in Las Vegas right now, where you can “look into the eyes of another person”… “We created our multi-user VR headset with the Tinder experience in mind. Real people having a real experience, and like the app, it only works with a double opt-in.” explains Tinder in their blog post here.

But perhaps the best burn was… “Welcome to the future. It’s all about human connection. Give it a try—you might enjoy it”.

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