Interactive Cocaine Experience / Awareness Website

Mon, Jan 5, 2009
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Large Image Of Interactive Cocaine Experience And Awareness Website
Lately there has been a lot of engaging, emotive campaigns online related to drugs & alcohol. This one from is different – it’s better, it’s more of a virtual / interactive cocaine experience, served as a blunt, visual warning to anyone thinking about trialing drugs. The Cocaine Basement’s Interactive Cocaine Experience (created by Profero – thanks Nick for the correction!) takes you on a journey from how drug mules use dogs like Pablo to smuggle in cocaine in their stomachs before leaving them to die, right through to how the impurities in cocaine alone can kill you, how it affects your heart, your nose, vision and even the laws surrounding illegal cocaine use.

It’s a very well produced campaign, graphic in nature watch the tv ad below…

You’ll see some well scripted Tv Ads, an interactive cocaine experience, some virtual snorting and more. Make sure you check out the website, it’s a very slick production & well work the viewing and such an immersive experience that you almost forget it’s a website. Show your friends…

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