Intel: Sponsors Of Tomorrow Campaign

Thu, May 14, 2009
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intel sponsors of tomorrow campaign website
Intel have just launched a new campaign called “Sponsors Of Tomorrow” created by Venables Bell & Partners along with Grow Interactive (who crafted the site). They have devised an online world inspired by Intel’s famous “Clean Rooms” where they safeguard against even a single fibre entering the room (somehow!). The site provides a very slick experience with a great mix of 3D, Video and animation to let users explore Intel’s technology for tomorrow.

Users can explore a range of special 3D/Video rooms, from a virtual wind tunnel experience to the famous “clean rooms” and along the way you can upload or SMS in your comments on what you’d love technology to help make happen tomorrow. Click here to view the website 

With a worldwide audience, the entire site is XML driven and is being launched in dozens of languages. Even the 3D text is seamlessly dynamic, combining Papervision with rendered 3D sequences. A low bandwidth version of the site was also created for users with slower connections (but I still think this is such a waste of resource and client funds in 2009 - we should just make them get broadband right?!).

Rumour has it, the client is so happy with the site, and the public the same, that Intel are comissioning a whole range of new rooms to be added just a few days after launch!
Check out the site here! Congrats to Grow Interactive an creating another amazing site.


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