Intel Discovered: An Xbox Kinect Advergame

Mon, Nov 5, 2012
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There seems to be a growing trend towards advergames developed specifically for the Xbox marketplace as a new way to connect with consumers in a medium that amplifies engagement and can directly reward participation, all in an environment where people are ready to play! So look out for a rush of big brand advergames coming to an Xbox near you!

This one, from Intel, lets you be ‘Discovered’ in an interactive gaming film where you can fight in action scenes, deliver key lines, have your photo taken on the red carpet, DJ for LMFAO and take away a bunch of photos, including a mini-magazine cover story to post into Facebook showcasing your adventure. The interactive story lasts about 20 minutes, and why I’m not convinced this particular campaign provides a great experience after checking it out in detail, the platform is there to be taken advantage of… So go for it guys! Can’t wait to see what comes out in time for Cannes!

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