Infographic: UK iPhone User Stats

Fri, Nov 1, 2013
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Here’s an interesting infographic that delves into how people in the UK use their iPhones. However, you may not want to know the answers. According to this research by OnePoll and Arena Media 69% of Londoners use their iPhone on the toilet!

Some of the other more popular mobile phone activities include:

  • SMS - the most popular iPhone activity with 96.2% of users sending texts
  • Calls are the second most popular activity at 91.4%
  • Surfing the net comes third with 88.1% of users
  • Photos are the fourth most popular usage with 79.7% (pictures of families and friends being the most popular subjects)
  • Only 6.9% of iPhone photographers confess to taking selfies

When it comes to commuting, Londoners are also most likely to pick up their iPhones, with 82.3% admitting to using their handsets on the go. How do you use your mobile phone?


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