Infographic: The Twitterverse

Sun, Jan 9, 2011
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There are tonnes of apps, widgets and services out there that connect with twitter to do almost anything you desire. The catch is, with thousands of them out there, and every second one being called twitxxxx or tweetxxxx, it’s both challenging to remember what the good ones are, or find the ones that actually do something you need. So, as always, Brian Solis teamed up with Jess3 to create a stunning infographic called “The Twitterverse” categorising all the biggest twitter based apps and services. Enjoy! (click for a hi-res image)

The Twitterverse Infographic breaks the twitter universe into the following 19 orbiting rings:

Ring 1: Branding

Ring 2: Geographics

Ring 3: Interest Graph

Ring 4: Dashboard

Ring 5: Event Management

Ring 6: Live Streaming

Ring 7: Geo Location

Ring 8: Relationships

Ring 9: Marketing and Advertising

Ring 10: Rich Media Ring 11: Communication Management

Ring 12: Research and Analysis Ring 13: Stream Management

Ring 14: Mobile Applications Ring 15: Trends Ring 16: Social CRM

Ring 17: Influence and Resonance

Ring 18: Twitter Search

Ring 19: Causation

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