Infographic: The Growth of Social Media in 2011

Mon, Sep 5, 2011
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It is easy to forget how integrated social is in our lives now, everyone knows the growth of social has been huge over the last 5+ years, but what about in the last 12 months from 2010-2011? Well, below are just a few of those stats in this infographic, there are a few little inaccuracies, I’ll point those out below, but before that, I’ve pulled out a few key stats…

  • 49% of Twitter users rarely login
  • Facebook’s crazy 63.46% market share
  • 1 in 4 Americans watch a YouTube video every single day
  • 53% of employees research potential job candidates on social networks
  • Facebook has 310m unique visitors every day
  • Stumbleupon gets more daily traffic than twitter

The data inaccuracies are mainly for twitter… which hit 200 million tweets per day back in June (not the 95 million as the graphic shows).

The Rise of Growth Media in 2011

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