Infographic: The Geosocial Universe

Mon, Aug 23, 2010
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Infographic The Geosocial Universe
When you realise there are 4.6 billion mobile phones on the planet, it’s easy to see why everyone believes mobile is the elephant in the room, but when you step back a little further and think about the social aspect of that, and indeed now the Geo Social impact that mobile phones have on our every day lives, from friends to networking, it’s a pretty exciting place to be and no wonder that so many startups are vying to control that space right now.

I think we’ll see a whole lot more Geo Social in everything we do over the next few years as our mobile phones, tablet computers and even cameras start to use GPS data to help track and socialise everything we do, at every place we do it. To highlight the current Geo Social potential, Jess3 created an infographic that depicts the size of current players in the Geo Social race.

Infographic The Geosocial Universe Large

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