Infographic: Most Viewed/Shared Brands 2010

Tue, Jan 4, 2011
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This is an updated infographic from earlier in 2010, but here is the final wrap for what was the most shared and most viewed brands of 2010, as compiled by the guys at Viral Ad Network.

Fifa’s Shakira “Waka Waka” edged out DC Shoes’ Gymkhana Three video and Old Spices’ questions, before Tipp-ex’s Hunter shoots a bear YouTube campaign and Nike’s global “Write the Future” social play as some of the most viewed in 2010. While Justin Bieber topped twitter with just 41,000 shares over Nike’s Write The Future campaign that managed a surprisingly low 31,000 shares, Sesame Street’s “Smell Like a Monster” beat the original Old Spice with 30,000 shares vs Old Spices 21,000 shares.

DC Shoes topped the Facebook share list with almost 500,000 posts on Gymkhana Three, Tipp-ex was next with almost 400,000 posts, then Nike with almost 300,000 posts and the Banksy vs Simpsons intro making it into the top 10 with almost 100,000 posts. Interestingly, while Google didn’t feature in any of the top 10′s, when it came to frequency rankings they topped the list, followed by Nike, Call Of Duty and Sony Ericsson.

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