Infographic: Artistic Impression of Social Media

Sun, May 29, 2011
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This is a fun Infographic that caught my attention and I couldn’t resist posting it. In terms of what you’d usually look for in an infographic it’s not up there with those that provide interesting facts and figures but it does display quite nicely, an artistic impression of some of our favourite (and not so favourite) social media platforms.

This infopgrahic is the work of Flowtown, a social marketing startup, and the designers at Column Five Media who specialise in producing infograhics. They’ve tapped into the popularity of iconic painter and television personality Bob Ross to bring you this easy-to-digest view of social media sites. In this artistic interpretation of our social media landscape Facebook is portrayed as a mega mountain with 600 million happy little users, and Google Buzz is a desert with “swirly tumbleweeds.”

What would you have added or changed in this? Do you like it?

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