Infographic: A Year In Social Commerce

Mon, Jan 3, 2011
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2010 was the year social commerce became truly mainstream and for some of us, an integral part of our daily shopping habits. I’m almost certain, that everyone who reads Digital Buzz, would have experienced social commernce is some way, shape or form during 2010? The infographic pulls out a few great momentum gathering moments; with P&G’s “Pampers” Facebook Store generating over 1000 transactions an hour from March in 2010, along with another social commerce strategy called “Tryvertising” allowing customers a free trial by “Tweeting” that product, Disney opened their Facebook ticketing store, as did Delta Airlines, and one of the craziest things I’ve seen, China’s group-buying site called “Taobao” selling 1 new Mercedes per minute in September 2010.

While the infographic below looks back at how social commerce really took off in 2010, I think it’s even more important to look forward to how social commerce will shape the industry (and our lives) in 2011. Will you be buying your flights through Facebook? Dinners and shows through Groupon? Maybe, but I think we might also be managing accounts, updating our billing details and viewing live statements for all sorts of our service providers in 2011. But that will just be the start!

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