IKEA: The Facebook Fan Sleepover

Wed, Jan 4, 2012
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For me, this is one of the ways social starts to get really exciting for brands, and it’s not with a cool Facebook app or innovative social play, just smart thinking combined with the drive to make it happen. So, IKEA created a seriously good PR stunt, the Facebook Fan Sleepover…

After finding a Facebook group with almost 100,000 people called “I Wanna Have A Sleepover In Ikea“… IKEA themselves created a competition for their Facebook Fans to be part of a giant sleepover at the Essex IKEA store for 100 people. What a great way to turn fans into advocates.

Not only was it a PR stunt, but a great way to actually have people test out products like mattresses for longer than 10 minutes! Complete with a sleep expert on hand for advice. Via PSFK. Thoughts?

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