IKEA iPhone App: The 2010 Catalogue

Sun, Dec 13, 2009
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IKEA have just launched an iPhone app for their 2010 Catalogue, so I thought we’d take a look and see it if lives up to the usual IKEA hype! The IKEA iPhone app is big, with over 375 pages and comes in at a decently large 35mb download, courtesy of the tonnes of large images on show.

You can flick through page by page like you’d expect, it’s also got a nice thumbnail browse feature, but unfortunately that’s just about where the features end .

It’s basically a JPG viewer, as the app doesn’t include any interactivity or features specific to the iPhone, something I wasn’t expecting from IKEA by any means. It’s kind of hard to use, as you constantly have to zoom in / out and the most frustrating part, is that when you find something you like you can’t actually click on it for a product focused view! Instead, you have to zoom in further and scroll the the top, left or right to find the fine print that describes the item!

Now when I say no features, I mean there is no store locator, bookmarking, weblinks, phone numbers, directory or share functionality. It’s just a direct rip of the 2010 IKEA catalogue, and nothing more!

IKEA iPhone App 2010 Catalogue: The Pros

  • View the entire catalogue (375+ pages)
  • Quick thumbnail view
  • Full images to browse

IKEA iPhone App 2010 Catalogue: The Cons

  • No interactivity
  • Lack of features or value adds
  • Can’t download unless you’re on wi-fi (anything over 10mb)
  • No store locator
  • Can’t bookmark favourite items
  • Doesn’t allow sharing

I guess to wrap up, it’s great they’ve actually put it into an iPhone app, it’s fantastic they included the entire catalogue and not some cut down mobile version, but customers will be disappointed with the experience and lack of functionality for what is their entire 2010 cataglogue.

It desperately needs an individual product view so you can click on items for more info. While I think it’s critical to include share functionality, as people tend to share from their mobile like they are text messaging their loved ones! And to not have a store locator seems almost criminal to me?!

I guess it all comes down to budget, which this probably didn’t have much of, but it really feels like a massive missed opportunity and something that I wouldn’t have expected from IKEA!

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