IKEA “Cheers” Social Celebration iPhone App

Mon, Dec 27, 2010
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You would have seen a few of those gimmicky ”toast” or “cheers” apps that allow you to tap two iPhone together to make a click in celebration of something… But, this new iPhone App from IKEA takes that idea to a whole new level, just in time for New Years Eve!

Firstly, you can choose from any of the glasses they sell, the app then fills the glass with only the finest virtual champagne, beer, wine and even milk, then just find a partner (who’s got the same app) to share that special moment with. Ok, so that sounds like the 47 other apps out there doing the same thing, well that’s about where the similarity ends.

The IKEA “Skal” (sweedish for “Cheers”) iPhone App automatically takes a photo as you “clink” glasses before giving you the option to post it to Facebook or Twitter, plots your celebration point on Google Maps and then uploads your photo to the app gallery, where people can browse through every moment celebrated around the world with the IKEA “Skal” iPhone App.
Click here to download the app just in time for New Years Eve!

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