If I Die: Facebook App Posts A Final Goodbye

Thu, May 19, 2011
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I’m guilty of not posting about this sooner! I was playing a round of golf for a charity event about a month back, when after lunch, the club reception said they had a phone call for me… The person on the other end? Death… supposedly! I thought that was pretty weird…

They had tracked me down via Facebook places, made the call and even tweeted the recording. “Death can catch you anywhere”… the person on the other end said, “even at St Michaels Golf Course” before signing off by telling me I need to check out the IF I Die Facebook App… Not only was that a great concept where by people can leave Facebook messages for friends and family that are to be automatically published in the event of their death, the campaign to gain attention was seriously innovative, and potentially one of the best PR grabs I’ve seen…

Here was my call… The campaign was created by the guys at Mizbala in Israel.

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