Hulu iPhone App To Be Launched Soon!

Mon, Apr 20, 2009
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hulu iphone app launch release date
The Hulu iPhone App will be launching soon, according to Business Insider & Venture Beat. And surrounding that is huge expectation that Hulu’s mobile platform will open up the iPhone as the premier mobile content device.

Hulu’s platform is expected to be similar to the online browser version for streaming all live prime time video and will work across 3G + WiFi. It probably won’t support downloads, as it’s primarily a live-streaming service anyway.

The biggest plus on the Hulu front, is bringing the content to 3G, technically opening up it’s ad network to the millions of 3G iPhone users in the US looking for great content on the move. This should create a whole new stream of revenue for Hulu, particularly if they are just duplicating their standard platform with commercial breaks…

Stay tuned for an update once I hear more! But my beef still stands with Hulu and their deathly “region not accepted”, if they can’t fix these negociations soon, someone else will…

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