Huggies: 9 Months Live Ultrasound

Tue, Feb 23, 2010
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Ogilvy Argentina has recently launched a very cool campaign for Huggies called: “9 Months Live”.  The campaign website allows mums and dads to follow a real-time ultrasound, with daily growth activity of a baby and currently shows the fetus at 3 weeks. The video is a faithful recreation of the evolution of a pregnancy based on scientific data more than 1 year of work by Ogilvy in partnership with Kimberly-Clark, doctors and scientists.

The idea is that all mothers can have a place to find tips on the health of babies who are still in their wombs, heart rate and fetal movements, can compare and answer questions in relation to their own videos of ultrasound. The goal is to maintain a strong emotional bond between Huggies and parents in one of the most exciting phases of their lives. Check out the website here.

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