HTC Desire Interactive iAd

Tue, May 31, 2011
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We’re seeing some engaging ads with the release of the latest iAds recently and here ‘s one from 2359 Media who have developed a fully interactive gesture-based iPad ad for HTC to promote the release of HTC Desire S in Singapore. Utilizing HTML5, it features an interactive banner ad, a fully animated introduction screen and a rich media microsite.

By utilising touch-based interactions, 2359 Media were able to keep this clean minimalistic look without sacrificing the user experience and amount of product information made available to consumers. Due to the content within this iAd (videos, animations, and images) users spent a significantly longer time period engaging with the Desire S product microsite as they explored the site with their fingers.

This demonstrates the start of the possibilities for iPad advertising. What are your thoughts on the future of iAds?

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