Honda: HTML5 Chain Reactions Challenge

Fri, Nov 25, 2011
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So this is a super clever HTML5 site from Honda. It’s called “The Experiment” and is essentially a lab where you can play with all sorts of objects in a physics-based game that challenges you to complete that chain reaction using a set of objects by placing them in the correct sequence.

Each of the object interacts with those around it to create hundreds of possibilities, combinations and results in real time. With each of the 6 levels getting harder and harder with additional objects and challenges thrown in, so get your engineering skills ready!

The campaign takes you back to the “Cog” ad created for the Honda Accord, which weirdly only has 3 million YouTube views (I suspect if released today, would get 30m+), with the Cog playing a key role in solving each of the chain reaction challenges. Nice find Katy. Check it out here.

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