Honda: Digital Scavenger Hunt

Mon, Jun 6, 2011
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Honda have just released their latest digital campaign, ”The Super Civic Quest”. This digital scavenger hunt kicked off with the release of 30 clues and 7 pieces of custom content launched on the Honda Civic Facebook page. Players are incentivised to participate with rewards for their clue-solving with Facebook Credits and music downloads.

A video on the Honda Civic Facebook page and Honda YouTube channel tells how, fictional character, Cesar lost his Civic somewhere in the “interwebs” and needs help finding it. Players are then prompted to start the quest by accessing the app on the Facebook page. As players take part in the scavenger hunt they will get to unlock badges, compete against friends and be in the running to win two Honda Civics.

Throughout the challenge players are exposed to a variety of original content, including an augmented reality game, gigapixel photo, a QR code and a video mosaic puzzle. Have a go at the app here and let us know what you think. It’s a pretty ambitious and complex app. Do you think that they’re asking users to do too much or is the campaign engaging and enticing enough to get high levels of interaction?

This campaign was developed by RPA with the help of Hooky Interactive and Facebook credits rewards are fulfilled by Wildfire, a provider of social media marketing software.

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