Heineken: The Valentines Day Serenade App

Thu, Feb 2, 2012
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Backing up from the last amazing brand film called “The Date”, Heineken have launched “The Serenade”. A cool Facebook app designed to help you ask people out on a date this Valentines Day, via a personalised “Serenade” video. It’s available in something like 20 languages, so just about anyone in the world can participate, a huge effort from Wieden + Kennedy.

Just select your special someone, why you fancy them, what the plan is for valentines day and why you are so special… Then Heineken will turn that into a musical serenade and post it to your potential dates wall, where they can watch the video and say yes or no to your proposition!

The campaign then ties into a much bigger, 8 hour live streaming YouTube event. With Heineken asking fans to go on a legendary date, and surprise their loved one in an unexpected fashion by having their serenade written and performed in real-time on the live streaming YouTube event!

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