Heineken: Guerrilla Marketing Event In Italy

Mon, Mar 15, 2010
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This is a pretty brave guerrilla marketing event by Heineken on the eve of one of the biggest matches you can imagine, Real Madrid vs AC Milan. Now you’re probably thinking it’s something out on the street, taking advantage of all the crazed soccer fans passing by, but you’d be wrong…

Heineken decided to stage a fake event at the same time the game was to be played, a mix of classical music meets poetry in an Italian theater. To make this happen, they recruited about 200 people to help get over 1000 people away from their TV’s and into this event, sacrificing the biggest game of the season!

Heineken even had the event broadcast live on SkySport, with crosses for interviews of famous sporting celebs to aid in the Authenticity, or infact, leverage some of the people who’d been stung by the stunt! As the event got underway and the males in the audience got increasingly bored, the stage slowly released clues to involve them as the big reveal came! A live projection of the entire game for all 1000+ people in the audience, with Heineken the absolute heroes!

All this went hand in hand with some of their latest campaign work around men increasingly loosing the ability to watch the sacred football match with friends. Very cool on a massive scale.
(via Daniel on Adverblog)

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