Heineken: The Christmas BeerFriender

Wed, Dec 7, 2011
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Pure genius. Heineken has launched a really cool social campaign to promote their new “BeerTender” that lets you pour ice cold draft beer at home. The catch is, it’s Christmas, and it wouldn’t look all that great if you were to buy yourself a BeerTender right? Well, Heineken thought of that too, and created the BeerFriender app that connects you, with other people who are buying a BeerTender in time for Christmas.

When you buy a BeerTender, you’ll literally be buying it for someone else, who at the same time, will be buying you one too! It comes gift wrapped, complete with an authentic Christmas card to ensure it looks like a legitimate present from a friend at say, work! Love it. What do you think? Thanks Alicia!

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