GUVERA Launches Free Digital Music Platform

Wed, Apr 28, 2010
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My very good friends from Guvera (an Aussie startup) have just launched their free digital content platform that covers music, video, movies and eventually games! Guvera works with advertisers creating branded channels and offering free downloads in return for channel interaction or essentially brand engagement.

They’ve got 10′s of thousands of people registered for free content and some of the worlds biggest brands on board to help deliver it to them. It works with users building a detailed profile, the more info you put in, the more free content you get, and once that’s complete they connect these people with brands that want to talk to that profile (target demographic) and deliver them free (paid by the brand) digital content, starting with music and eventually moving into moves and games.

It’s a worldwide first, and many years in development, but will this shake up the music industry and gain some serious traction? We’ll know in the next few months, but I think the key thing they need to do is look at integrating this type of platform closely with Facebook where people are hanging out for this kind of content.  Make sure you check them out here. (Thanks Matt!)

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