Guinness iAd: More Life in the Dark

Wed, May 11, 2011
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Here’s the first iAd from Diageo UK’s brand Guinness and it looks pretty damn good. This is part of a larger multi-platform digital campaign ‘There’s More Life in the Dark’. The campaign aims to inspire users to enjoy a great night out! Guinness have released this promotional video, created by Tullo Marshall Warren, to demonstrate how to engage with the iAd.

The iAd opens with the narrator promising to show you where the best nights out are happening. The ad is then split into the four sections ‘pubs, gigs, comedy and sports’, each encouraging viewers to find great nearby events and venues using the iPhone’s location based functionality. The ad even helps you overcome the problem of ordering a Guinness at a noisy gig, an interactive dial allows the user to choose how many friends they want to buy a Guinness for, 1,2,3 or 4. They can then save the image ‘2 pints of Guinness please!’ to their iPhone and show it at the bar to place an order.

The iAd campaign, created by Tullo Marshall Warren (TMW) and built by Apple, is a fun concept and the interaction makes it highly engaging for the target market. I love this idea and would like to see more brands doing some innovative and playful ads like this. Are we ready for iAds in Australia yet?

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